terms and conditions...

At Encore we try to make things easy. Please take the time to read our Terms below. Should you require additional information prior to making a purchase, please contact us via our online form or using any of the details at the footer of each page, where we will be happy to answer any of your questions.​

  • All garments are accepted strictly by appointment only. Please contact us during opening hours to arrange a mutually convenient time.

  • We sell your garments on a 50/50 commission basis.

  • Garments must be in excellent condition, freshly laundered or dry cleaned.

    • Please check collars and cuffs for signs of wear.

    • Please check underarms for signs of discolouration / staining.

    • Buttons and zips must be intact.

    • All garments should be Brought in on hangers.

    • All garments should be appropriate to the season.
      - We accept Spring / Summer stock from mid January onward.
      - Autumn / Winter stock is accepted from mid August.

  • Casual-wear will be displayed for twelve weeks from date of entry. Special occasion-wear will be displayed for a season.
    At the end of this period your garments will be returned to yourself, otherwise they will be sent to Charity (with your consent).

  • All goods accepted at Managers' discretion and left at owner's own risk.

  • We reserve the right to Limit the number of articles accepted.